Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Preparation for the new season.

Dear Diary.

Welcome 2013! A brand new start. Lots of preparation to be getting on with. In a way, I feel somewhat behind already. I suppose when the new season begins, the list of jobs is greater and time is precious. Ok, here is what I have been upto so far.

Forcing Rhubarb.

I noticed that my rhubarb had started to make an appearance after being dormant for several weeks. I was pleased that something was starting to show on the plot. I cleared round the base of the crowns, taking away any little weeds. Using a bin, I placed it over the rhubarb to exclude the light. Hopefully they will be ready to harvest in about eight weeks.

Just a quick peek at the shoots that have been forced for about a week now.

Planting Garlic.

A few weeks back, I planted my garlic cloves. I have noticed that a few have come through and the rest have yet to join in. I hope to get some good bulbs from this years crop. I tried to grow them last winter and had no success, sadly.

Planting Onions.

About the same time as I planted my garlic, I also planted my onion sets. Slowly but surely they are rising. Ready to harvest by the summer. Japanese onion sets usually provide a harvestable crop in June, a month or two earlier than spring planted sets.

Not the best picture, a bit blurry but you can see a section of my onion sets.

Starting leeks off.

I have been saving the cardboard insides from toilet rolls (something my missus, Hayley has been shouting at me for... leaving them around the house!). Eventually, I took them to the allotment so I could use them to plant my leeks, giving them a head start. The idea of using the cardboard insides is so I can pick them up as they are and plant them straight into the ground without disturbing the roots. The cardboard will soon rot away. Iv'e never done this before, so it's a little experiment...

They are currently in my friends greenhouse. After several weeks, if they have taken off, I Should be able to transplant them safely into one of my beds.
I bought Hayley a pair of wellies and she is made up. We can head down to the allotments together, it will be good to get her involved and she will learn more about how vegetables are grown. Think she will be shocked that they don't come already wrapped like in the supermarkets!
My next post, History and about Bebington Road Allotments.
A bit of bed time reading!


  1. Good luck during the coming growing season and thanks for joining my blog.

    1. Thanks very much pal, same to you, hope you have a great season! Bob

  2. Hi Bob, I just click on your photo as your following my blog ! Thanks by the way !
    I'm so impressed that at a young age you have an allotment and sound so keen ! I would be so pleased if my sons felt that way but sadly they have no interest in growing or even gardening .

    I look forward to reading more of your blog in the coming weeks as I intend to make time to resume writing my own and reading others for inspiration.

    Maureen :)