Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Coffee beside the log burner at the allotment.

Dear Diary.

During the winter season of 2012, most of my time was spent in the shed with my good mate Carl. After the jobs were complete, we put the kettle on and lit the log burner. It has truly turned into an allotment tradition!

The trouble is, once you are settled in your chair with a hot drink and the warmth from the fire going, It's hard to want to do anything else! Carl made the log burner himself, by using recycled materials. He is a very talented man.

The materials used, as you can see in the picture are: an old gas bottle, a steel pole and chopped up logs to make the fire. It doesn't half give off some heat!

The kitchen area in the shed. Nothing beats a nice hot cuppa!

Carl has been kind enough to make me my own log burner for when I manage to get a new shed, hopefully this year. Check out the masterpiece below...

A friendly warning to anybody who is thinking about making their own log burner using these materials. Be careful, without good knowledge and the correct equipment, it could be dangerous. Please message me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

My next post, Preparation for the new season. Lets get started!



  1. i want one-but i need a decent shed first.x

  2. Hi mate' wow what can I say... Yes we do enjoy the winter days now' good post mate!!