Sunday, 30 December 2012

Frosty allotment in December.

Dear Diary.

I didnt expect the allotment to look like this when I pulled up to my plot! It had been cold for a few days and the grounds were frosty. I hadn't gone to do any work, only to feed the chickens and let them run around the plot.

It was beautiful. Peace and quiet, just the sound of birds and the crunch beneath my feet. A blanket of white dust. It was one of those mild days, not too cold. It made me happy, a new season was shortly about to come. All of this would soon be just another allotment memory.  

My chickens didn't seem to be bothered by the frosty ground, infact they were curious to explore!

I have enjoyed my first year at the allotment, turning ideas into actions.
I feel like my plot is telling a story, each chapter gets better and I can't wait to turn the page. To all my readers, have a wonderful New Year and all the best.

Keep reading for more adventures down at the allotment!

My next post, Coffee beside the log burner at the allotment.



  1. Hahaha, I was wondering when the coffee and the burner was going to be written in mate!

    1. How could I miss out the coffee and log burner mate! Allotment tradition! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris! Try to make it sound interesting!

  3. it sounds great mate' very good reading!!

  4. Loving your blog bob!! Won't be long before I too will be following in your footsteps me thinks!!

  5. Lovely looking plot, even with the blanket of frost. Best of luck for the new growing year.


    1. Thank you Karen all the best to you to this season.