Sunday, 30 December 2012

D.I.Y runner bean frame.

Dear Diary.

This was a quick and easy little project. The runner bean frame. Probably took me a day to build. I was going to go with the normal kind of frame, made with canes and string but I came across some cable wire dumped in a skip. This gave me an idea, I guess nobody wanted it so finders keepers, I took it home.

The other materials I used were from the freecycle website that I picked up, not intent for the frame at the time. I just pick stuff up that may come in handy!

I buried two long wooden posts into one of my beds and strengthened each side with skinny sticks of metal for support. I cut out notches in the top of both posts for the scaffolding bar to sit on. With sharp scissors, I then cut long pieces of the cable wire and made sure they were near enough all the same length.

I wrapped the cable wire round the pole and secured it with a knot at the bottom onto bent pieces of metal and placed them firmly into the ground. This is probably a good idea, considering how windy it gets. More sturdy than using string!

And thats how easy it was! Originally, I built this on the right side of my plot (above picture) but moved it to the left in October to be closer to the greenhouse (which is an ongoing project).

As you can see, my plot is coming on nicely. It's taking shape now. All in preparation for the new season 2013. A big difference if you go back to my first blog of when the allotment was a mess. Can you spot my my mate Carl?

Only a few more tasks to do now, finish the ongoing greenhouse project, which you can see behind the runner bean frame. That should be finished next year. I need to plan what is going where regarding the location of crops and what seeds I need to put in the ground straight away.

Its nearly New Year. Hopefully we will get some good weather!

My next post, Frosty allotment in December.



  1. The bean frame works really well mate' think al mix the sweet peas with the beans this time' did like the look of it last time mate!!

  2. nice-im going to have a go at making one for mine