Sunday, 30 December 2012

The ever-growing compost heap.

Dear Diary.

I knew I wanted to have good soil for 2013, so in the beginning of January 2012, I started to save my kitchen scraps and take them down to the allotment.
I threw all sorts onto the heap... potato peelings, vegetables, egg shells  e.t.c

To make the compost heap, I found some old pieces of corrugated metal sheets lying around the allotments. I thought this would be great to use as it wouldn't rot away like wood. To start the heap off, I managed to get hold of some horse manure from a friend.
It soon started to pile high. My grandad keeps pigeons and he asked me if I wanted the pigeon poop for the heap. It's a natural compost breakdown accelerator and supposed to be twice as potent as chickens. So it all got thrown in!
I collected grass cuttings from my local bowling green, they were happy to give it to me for nothing. So for about 10 months, the heap has been breaking down into lovely rich compost. A task for December was to spread it out onto the beds for 2013. I was surprised how much compost it made. I even gave some to my allotment buddy, Carl. He said it was good stuff!
I can't wait for the new season to begin. I hope the compost does me proud!
Just need to start over and pile that heap high for 2014!
My next post, Meet my allotment buddy, Carl.


  1. Am sure you will get good results from that compost Bob as I will thanks to you mate' you av made a great job of it!!!

    1. Thank you mate am sure ou crops will be good in this new season which is only around the corner now!! Am so excited.