Sunday, 30 December 2012

Meet my allotment buddy, Carl.

Dear Diary.

When I first got my plot at Bebington Road Allotments, it never occurred to me that I would meet or become friends with anybody. I thought it would be smile and nod, the odd hello there. Maybe because it was me, thinking I was only 23 and too young to hang out with the grandads. (No offence, I love the old - they know their stuff!)

But actually, I quickly realised that the community was full of all ages, ladies and gents too. I made myself familiar with the allotment grounds and which route to take to get to my plot. I think there must be over 260 plots at Bebington road site.

At the allotment is where i met my buddy Carl. He had not long joined the allotment himself. I think it was October 2011 when he got his plot. He's alot like me, so of course he got stuck into it. His plot is looking pretty fantastic and is ready for the new season of 2013.  Here is a picture earlier on this year... Carl's Plot.

Since getting to know Carl and his lovely family, I consider him to be a great mate of mine. My missus Hayley gets on really well with Carl's other half Julie. They also have two daughters, Lauren (who is our little helper down at the allotment) and Katie, the cutest little girl. She calls me Rob the chicken man! We often get together at Carl's house in the evening to have a few beers and talk business! The women chit chat over a glass of wine or two, three.  

We basically talk to each other everyday, either in person, on the mobile, on facebook and recently on our Blogs - he felt left out and made a blog not long after I did! All part of the allotment fun, eh mate! Check him out, here is the link to his blog site.

This is Carl! He got himself in a sticky situation here! At my plot, helping me out with planting some fruit bushes. We both can't wait for the New Year, looking forward to the journey ahead, sharing our handy tips and tricks, playing the Chuckle Brothers - 'to me, to you'! Just a quick shout mate to say thanks for all the help this year.

My next post, the D.I.Y runner bean frame.


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  1. Thanks Bob' a great mate' yeah I did get stuck' me to you mate haha!!!